Jack nicholson dating

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Jack nicholson dating

He had a number of very high-profile relationships, most notably with Anjelica Huston and with Rebecca Broussard, and was married to Sandra Knight from 1962 until their divorce in 1968.

Nicholson has five children – one with Knight, two with Broussard (including Lorraine Nicholson), and one each with Susan Anspach and Winnie Hollman.

Corman directed Nicholson on several occasions, most notably in The Little Shop of Horrors, as masochistic dental patient and undertaker Wilbur Force, and also in The Raven, The Terror where he plays a French officer seduced by an evil ghost, and The St. Nicholson also frequently worked with director Monte Hellman on low-budget westerns, though two in particular, Ride in the Whirlwind and The Shooting, initially failed to find interest from any US film distributors but gained cult success on the art-house circuit in France and were later sold to television.They offered him a starting-level job as an animator, but he declined, citing his desire to become an actor.He made his film debut in a low-budget teen drama The Cry Baby Killer (1958), playing the title role.Nicholson and Black were nominated for Academy Awards for their performances.Nicholson played Bobby Dupea, an oil rig worker, and Black was his waitress girlfriend.

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John Joseph Nicholson (born April 22, 1937) is an American actor and filmmaker who has performed for over sixty years.

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