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Isexychat australia

This has been a part of the terms of service since the site was started.

People are sometimes auto-kicked by the system to this page for typing one of our banned words into the chat.In most cases these “temporary kicks” will auto-expire in 10 minutes, or a few hours.This gives people a chance to read the rules and understand that they have been warned.Posting links to pics, videos, or to web sites, where the age of majority is difficult to discern, or they fall below Nash’s trust rank of 80 is not allowed.Parasite Sites / Collections / Out of Context Sexualization Sites that collect and sexualize in ways that were not intended by those that were in the photos / videos. ) Arguments / Drama / Flame wars, fanning We prefer that arguments not be ongoing drama in the lobby.

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Example: Important additional information about racial jokes, ethnic statements and hate speech here.