How to spot scammers on dating sites

Posted by / 07-Nov-2020 08:21

Fortunately, Romance is fighting back against the catfishers and scammers on dating sites by publishing informative articles entreating consumers to beware and stay safe online.

This comprehensive website arms online daters so they can spot red flags and vet potential love interests more confidently and competently.

Over 51,000 people have read through Romance’s articles and benefited from its expert advice.

Not only did Chelsea become the leader of Romance in 2015, but she also continued to date online herself and met her now-husband on a dating site — thus proving that online dating works and can be safe as long as you know what you’re doing and take reasonable precautions.

The site began as a Yahoo Group where people talked about scams on dating sites, and it attracted thousands of readers who felt leery about online dating and wanted to learn how to spot fraudulent profiles.

Today, Romance is a comprehensive website that teaches online daters to recognize and avoid common scams.

Romance keeps a growing list of known scammers on dating sites and apps, and the team offers its database as a resource to daters wondering if someone is the real deal.

Such a heartbreaking scam may have demoralized some people, but not Chelsea.

Thanks to the team’s diligence and trustworthiness, Romance has earned a loyal, international audience and helped tens of thousands of people stay safe online.

Online dating scams can impact anyone, but the older population seem to be particularly at risk.

“Prevention from the onset is key here,” the Romance team said. There will always be people out there looking to hurt others.

What we can do is be a resource for those who want to protect themselves.” Chelsea had a rocky start in the online dating scene, but she didn’t let it keep her down for long.

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Looking to the future, the Romance team intends to continue delivering useful tips and resources for the online dating community.