Hiv and aids dating site

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Poz Match is a Positive Owned HIV Dating and Social Community.

People just like you who are interested in meeting others for friendship, companionship and of course, love.

“When you’re a trans woman with HIV, there’s danger involved in telling prospective partners.

I’ve had men respond incredibly aggressively.” Back in those days, Juno didn’t have any dating resources to help her stay safe and be transparent about her illness from the get-go.

Below, we’ve ranked the top six positive dating websites for anyone living with an STD.That grim reality left her feeling numb and isolated at first, but she was determined to fight for her life.She and her partner broke up, and Juno worked hard to graduate college and maintain good health.Activist and writer Juno Roche was diagnosed as HIV positive in the early 1990s.At that time, she was told she had a life expectancy of about six months.

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During the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, paranoia and ignorance about the illness made life extremely difficult for anyone with a positive diagnosis.