Help with intimidating neighbours

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If your neighbours are engaging in anti-social behaviour that doesn’t fall within the remit of the noise or environmental protection acts then the Housing Act 1996 might prove a valuable ally.Under this law, you can appeal to the High Court or County Court to grant an injunction to stop neighbours from "engaging or threatening to engage in conduct causing or likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance." This could include neighbour behaviour deemed violent, destructive or disruptive.The Noise Act 1996 gives the council the powers to order neighbours to cease their noisy exploits immediately.They can also confiscate noise-making devices, such as the TV or stereo, and issue a fine.Troublesome neighbours can seriously damage the quality of home life, but not only do you have the right to live in peace but the legal rights too.Whether it’s head thumping bass of a stereo, persistent shrieks of an over active child or loud footsteps, the chief neighbour nuisance is noise, but neighbours can also make life hell through destructive children, ill-trained dogs, ill-kempt trees and hedges, poor rubbish management and abusive or harassing behaviour.It also can be used to curb the use of residential premises for illegal or immoral purpose, including as a drug den or brothel.If your neighbour has trouble keeping their dog’s toilet habits under control then this becomes an issue for the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

There are two ways you can deal with the situation; through the police or the civil courts.

If they agree then they can serve an abatement law under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Control of Pollution Act in Scotland).

You are also entitled to take out private action by applying to your local magistrates court.

If you are in Scotland then you can take action through a solicitor to the Sheriff's Court.

The Environment Protection Act is a far-reaching law that is also a valuable piece of legislation for a host of other non-noise issues where your neighbour poses further threats to environmental well-being.

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