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Dar Es Salaam – I met up with 40 SA ex pats who looked after me like a star. They’ve all said come back and stay with us – even though there are 20 of them living together in one house with the wives and children. But from a country point of view, I was most upset with the treatment of animals in Egypt…

I went out every night for three weeks, and they flew me to Zanzibar. I don’t think I would spend too much time there again.

Groenewald told Rapport newspaper on Sunday her lawyers had advised her not to comment.

Eventually the man in charge made a call or two – while I’m sitting there thinking I’m going to be ‘disappeared’ and my family will never hear from me again – but when he came back, he was all apologetic. I think when I hit the Cafeteria between Sudan and Egypt, that’s in the ‘no man’s land’ – where I ended up sleeping with seven Egyptians, beat that! I was staying in a tented camp which we had come across late at night – after travelling at full speed with my son-in-law driving flat out over a road that usually only 4 x 4s can handle.

– for a couple of days as I had to wait for a carnet, it was difficult, and it became a harder country the further north you went. There was a huge sandstorm that night, and when we woke up everything was covered in sand. I’m proudly South African and visited all the embassies in each place, but in every country it seems they have no bathrooms, and the people are different.

Even in The Sudan, despite my travelling travails, it was wonderful, they couldn’t do enough for me. All the countries were so different, it’s difficult to decide which I liked the most. well, let me tell you, when I crossed over the border, it was like taking a trip into the Bible!

I loved The Sudan, adored Kenya, especially as I went to so many wonderful places there that I’d seen on film. The guide I had there was one of four brothers, who all looked after me while I was in the city.

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The story of Granny Lee is a fascinating journey that merges the personal with the political.