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Georgians sex online

Hand in hand with their acceptance of sex as an inevitable and necessary part of life was a healthier attitude to emotion.

Georgian men were and continue to be models of manliness because they were capable of expressing strong feelings. The notorious libertine and Whig Party leader, Charles James Fox, famously burst into tears on the floor of the House of Commons after his mentor Edmund Burke denounced their friendship.

His friends were equally outrageous, particularly the Prince of Wales who had a penchant for bright colours even though they made him look fat.

In terms of raw sexuality, the Georgians are more than a match for the sophisticated post-modern Nineties.

William Pitt the Younger broke down in similar circumstances several years later when, in 1805, the House impeached his best friend Viscount Melville for embezzlement.

Although homosexuality was officially not tolerated and could result in the unfortunate man being placed in the pillory, the boundaries of accepted behaviour were extremely broad.

It is a myth that lesbianism is a 20th-century invention and there are diaries to prove it.

The most famous of these is the secret diary of Anne Lister, an independently wealthy woman from Halifax, who kept a record of the women she seduced, nearly all of whom were married and neighbours.

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The Georgian era was ended by the rise of evangelical Christianity, the prolonged war with France and the growing power of the middle classes.

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