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If the high tide overran the sandcastle, we were going to have to struggle to make our money back.That was our superstition and that was our tradition.” Movie critics from Roger Ebert to Peter Travers gained fame, in part, because their names appeared on movie posters around the world, alongside their quotes about the respective films.That’s right — no one in Hollywood wanted to make Star Wars.In fact, 20th Century Fox was the only studio willing to take it on, and it was only because studio exec Alan Ladd Jr. Thanks the unprecedented box office and merchandising success of the first , he took out bank loans, which he paid off on each films’ earnings. And then, of course, there’s the time in Hawaii he spent building sandcastles on the beach with Steven Spielberg, all the while banging out the initial agreement to collaborate on .

But according to IMDB, George Lucas doesn’t care about any of that.I don’t think I’ve even written anything since computers were invented.So I didn’t use a typewriter, although my father sold typewriters. I don’t know if there was an Oedipus reality going on there or something, but basically I like to draw things, I like to use a pencil.The filmmaker reportedly drew on his own life for the inspiration for some of his most famous characters.That includes his dog, Indiana, who served as a visual inspiration for Chewbacca in while lending his name to Indiana Jones.

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And George said, ‘I’ve got something better than that.