Free chat with nepali girl easy

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Free chat with nepali girl easy

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Retroflexion: If that's not enough, the letters 't' and 'd' come in two more forms, which differ on where your tongue touches the top of your mouth.

At first it will sound like everyone around you is always on the verge of laughing -- "c -ha! To the English-speaking ear (don't try to visualize that too hard) nasalized vowels just sound like they are followed by a "n." Listen to yourself say words like "injury," "animal," and "young." !

The trickiest sound for non-natives are the "retroflex" consonants.

Educated Nepalese people can often speak English, because of the popularity of boarding school as public school can not compete for quality education.

Learning even a few words of Nepali can be fun and very useful, especially outside of the tourist district and while trekking.

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Even if you master pronouncing them right, don't worry if you can't hear the difference easily.

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