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Wouldn't it be interesting if sociosexual orientation were the determining factor?

Unrestricted women men are more likely to be looking for enduring, exclusive love.

Moreover, with increasing age came increasing motivation to use online dating for both love and casual sex, bolstered by the ease of communication, but less driven by excitement and self-validation.

They also found that the older participants were, the more likely they were to use an online dating website versus an application.

They responded to survey items about online dating experience, sociosexual orientation, online dating motivations, and relationship status.

I expect this last finding to change as apps become more dominant and familiar, and as younger people, who use apps now over online dating websites, age.

But what about the question of biological sex versus sociosexuality in determining motivations for using online dating?

Researchers wondered if sociosexuality determines motivations for online dating, and if so, how much of a role these sexual attitudes and behaviors play above and beyond biological sex.

The current study In the current study, Hallam and colleagues surveyed a group of 254 people — 57.9 percent women, heterosexual, average age of 30 years.

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