Exploring online dating and customer relationship management

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Profitability is strong-minded in the light of the generation value of the purchaser to the organization, pleasing into account the income and expenses associated with each customer over time.The tracking of profitability is made more accurate through the use of technology.The researcher justify the amount of profit of this company comes total sales reduce total cost to gain profit of company if the amount of sales was greater than the amount of cost the amount gain we called profit, if the amount of sales is less than the amount of cost we called loss and if they same we called breakeven point means no gain no loss.These days Somali were come disbar and they marked a lot of investment and increase economy, so they created small business and projects mostly they establish hotel like peach view restaurant they arise level of completion of the business, and also increase high level of customer turnover, furthermore increase customer acquisition, cost and growing customer expectation.

Therefore, the achievement of CRM close depends on the vigorous involvement of the employees in the organization them self [4-6].Modern marketing shows for more developing and increase profitability of organization to produce good product, then attractive the whole of customer, the only way to get beneficial customer, marking relationship.Although the customer was dived two part internal customer and external customer, the internal customer is employee of company so that employee partially is asset of organization because the organization depend on, the organizing must keep morality of their employee if they do not keep the productively become low so that the company must mark policy to improve their employee and motivation then training to increase their talent and skills , that is double benefit of organization and employee, because they increase their productivity.In finish, the customer orientation strategy is one of an organization’s resources to increase customer satisfaction and business income and is also a very significant measurement.The importance of CRM to an organization The primary focus of any CRM strategy is to empower the organization to generate and retain profitable customers that help the organization [12].

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Most strategies advance around three features, specifically, customer acquisition, customer profitability and customer profitability, due to the reduced costs linked with retaining customers rather than obtaining new.