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Although not all serious videogames will require the budgets typical of large commercial videogames, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and other funders should demand, as part of their funding plans, the comprehensive assessment of videogames as interventions.

Videogames may be used not only as interventions but potentially as a means to collect valid assessments of change in knowledge and real-life behaviors.

My work is inspired by great video games that have changed the way I perceive the world and engaged me to become a master.

Through video games I have played my guitar to sell-out crowds in massive concert arenas and I have restored the cosmos by rolling a ball around to collect things ranging from match sticks to mountains.

In addition, 58% of youth report having downloaded applications (“apps”) to their cell phones or tablet computers, suggesting that mobile platforms may be ideal for videogame interventions targeting this population.

My particular area of expertise is in serious games for health. She received her masters in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University, her Ph. in Psychology from Stanford University and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Kato worked with international companies, government agencies and non-profits to strategically use serious games and gamification to improve customer engagement and patient outcomes.

With the evolution of the field of “serious games” (ie, games for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment), the interest and opportunities for designing and using videogames for positive health impact are emerging.

Key components of videogames include that they have rules, are goal oriented, and some have points or levels.

Goals of the serious games field include using scientifically rigorous tools (eg, theory-based content, randomized clinical trials) to develop and evaluate games for efficacy and capitalize on their potential to produce rich in-game data in simulated game environments reflecting real-life behaviors.

The use of technology in health care is increasingly ubiquitous, and there is mounting evidence that videogames can serve as interventions to increase knowledge and effect behavior change in youth.

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Similarly, SPARX, a serious game designed to improve depressive symptoms in adolescents, has demonstrated efficacy.

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