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ENTJ will often take a very active role in managing things and can be highly critical of the lackadaisical attitude of an INTP mate who is less concerned with external order.INTPs can be rather neglectful and oblivious about certain things but they should understand that ENTJs need structure in order to feel at ease.Obviously, this is in respect to the extravert/introvert differences between INTP and ENTJ.The more function-based distinction is that where ENTJ likes to develop their ideas and plans into action for the purpose of getting real-world results and rewards, INTPs tend to spend more time exploring options and possibilities indefinitely and may continue to do so for its own sake rather than for any external purpose.The ENTJ and INTP relationship is a pairing that would be described as “mindmates”.ENTJ and INTP belong to the temperament group known as the “Rationals”.They, along with ENTP and INTJ are lumped together based on their use of impersonal logical and powers of analysis.

This penchant for prolonged decision-making can come across as slowness and laziness in the eyes of an ENTJ and irritate them.With ENTJ and INTP, this is not likely to be an issue as both types do not require much emotional support.ENTJs like to exercise control and make decisions in their relationships that may not always bode well with the independent and individualistic INTP.By making an effort to be more mindful and proactive in fulfilling responsibilities, INTPs may be able to avoid some of the contention that may arise in the relationship.As fellow rationals and intuitives, the ENTJ and INTP share a similar fondness for stimulating ideas and insightful dialogue.

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In contrast, INTP may view ENTJ as hasty, aggressive and misguided.

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