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Dynamic fade inline updating yellow

When you record projects or record additional slides for projects, Adobe Captivate can automatically create text captions based upon the action recorded.

For example, if you record the action of selecting the File menu, Adobe Captivate can automatically add a text caption that reads “Select File menu” on the same slide.

Each text caption type is named, and a small thumbnail image shows what the text caption looks like.

Note: When adding or modifying a text caption, select the caption type before setting the style and format of text in a caption.

If you need very small captions, consider creating custom captions.

Adobe Captivate can automatically resize a text caption according to the amount of text in the text caption.

You can use text captions for the following: Draw attention to specific areas of the slide Use text captions to point out menu options or icons or to focus user attention on easily overlooked details.

When you are not using voice-over narration, you can use text captions instead.

If you are resizing a text caption, you cannot make the caption smaller than the bitmap used to create the caption.

This ensures that style and format changes to text are retained. Many of the text caption styles contain text captions with directional callouts.

You can select a text caption that points in the most appropriate direction.

For example, the caption style “Pill” uses bitmaps sized approximately 18 pixels (wide) x 16 pixels (high), so these bitmaps could not be resized to 15 x 12 pixels.

However, any of the caption bitmaps can be made larger.

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Adobe Captivate lets you add multiple captions to each slide.

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