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Therefore, you’re dreaming about this stressful individual as a result of what’s going in your life at this moment.

Your dream could also represent the relationship you had with someone.

It’s only natural that you thought about them while you fell asleep, and they found their way inside of your sleep pattern.

Another simple reason is that you’ve been thinking about this person a lot– maybe even more than you should be.

They open a realm of extreme curiosity and oddities that us as humans are always trying to decode.

And when you throw certain people and events into the mix, dreams become all that more astonishing and questionable.

For example: if you’re dreaming about a football star on your favorite team, you might want to become a football player and try to make your way to the top (or simply play for fun).They’ve been on your mind for quite some time throughout the day, so of course they’d be in your thoughts in your subconscious dreams as well.On the other hand, your dream might not even be about this person. For instance, you might be dreaming about certain qualities this person’s personality: you are going through a stressful period in your life, and this person was a stressful impact in your life.You’ve been around him all day long, so of course he’s on your mind to a certain extent.Your subconscious paired the two and left you with such a dream.

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On the other hand, dreaming about someone famous is also a way for us to get over disappointments in our lives: something big happened that let you down, but dreaming about this famous somebody who’s done something amazing gives us hope and happiness for the future.