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Instead, she’ll have to wait until the 31st date to pick one of the 30 men to go out with a second time.

With each date, Johnson learns something about herself.

Risky to invest in: Looking at it morbidly, a relationship is a cage that traps you and your significant other together while all the other singles mix and mingle around you and tease you with flirting and pokes on Facebook.

Think of it as a zoo and you and your significant other are the attraction (but hopefully you smell better.) When you think about it this way it kind of seems like a drag: who really wants to be tied down when there are soooo many people other there just waiting to hook up with you.

Too many times, I see relationships crumble or people going insane chasing a relationship that was never real in the first place. And don't you dare let that little voice inside your head (or the voice of an insensitive jerk) tell you that you aren't enough and that you can't do better than what you have. You just got a crisp new check and you're just itching to spend it and see what happiness it can buy you.

The world around me is full of hook-ups, heartbreak and relationship hell. It has come to my attention that we are so love hungry, so desperate to find someone who looks at us like Gatsby does Daisy, who gives us butterflies like Danny does Sandy, and who will love us forever like Noah does Allie, that we settle for Tom, Knicky and Lon. If you aren't respected, happy, or loved, then you can do better and you deserve to do better. But when it's gone, and the things we bought are no longer new, exciting and needed, we forget about them and go buy more things.

Chatty, fun, and confessional, 31 Dates in 31 Days is an entertaining journey that offers astute insights into the modern dating scene.

You can swoon, you may spoon, but now you can Smoon™!

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Some experiences are awful, but others are amazing — and all of them help change her attitude about not just dating but people in general.

In the end, though, she realizes there’s only one man of the entire 30 that she can see herself marrying — and one year later, she does.

It's nothing personal against you if your crush doesn't want a relationship.

In the poorly quoted words of Barney Stinson, "It's not you versus one bimbo, it's alllll the bimbos in the world versus you." Yeah, I don't like those odds either.

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On the eve of her 31st birthday, after yet another painful breakup, Tamara Duricka Johnson decides it’s time to overhaul her dating habits.