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Dating vintage car radios

Blaupunkt Bremen ATR, M-L (all-transistor) (.50*). Blaupunkt Stuttgart ATR, AM/SW/Long Wave (all-transistor) (3.75*). Blaupunkt Frankfurt, MN 7 639 670, These radio models were identified in the model name like Frankfurt US, or Koln US.

Blaupunkt Frankfurt ATR de Luxe, UKW (all-transistor) (1.25*). Radio versions without the US designation in the model name are probably Euro version radios, which work fine in the US, but Euro band radios can also be identified by the letters shown on the pushbuttons.

Blaupunkt Koln ATR de Luxe, AMAM/FM/SW/LW (Euro band). To further explain, the battery of some cars is grounded at the positive ( ) terminal, and some cars have their battery grounded to the negative (-) terminal.

This positive/negative ground convertibility allows the radio to work in both situations.

D&M Restoration is your One-Stop Service Center for antique, classic,vintage and muscle car gauges, clocks, (stock or quartz), radios, speedometers, tachometers, small motors (such as headlight and wiper motors), clusters, glove box doors, center gauge clusters, shifter consoles and MORE!

D & M Restoration has been in the automobile instrument restoration business since 1976.

Blaupunkt Frankfurt ATR de Luxe, AM/FM/Long Wave (all-transistor).

Blaupunkt Koln ATR de Luxe, UKW Automatic (all-transistor).

Dealers installed many other brands and models, including Becker radios, Bendix Sapphires, and others. Blaupunkt Stuttgart, AM/SW/Long Wave push button (transistor). Sonic Bucks will be applied and available 30 Days from original purchase and must be used on an order of 0 or more.Coupons are not valid for business/wholesale sales, installation services, shipping, delivery or gift cards. Coupons cannot be combined with other coupons, select promo bundles, combos, savings certificates, special offer price matches, or combined with other discounts.It’s our goal to do the highest quality restoration and repair possible.We started out doing only Corvette restoration work.

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