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Dating sugar mummy uganda

It documents associated factors and consequences of these relationships for young people, particularly the extent to which force, coercion and power differentials shape the relationships.The study compares and contrasts the experiences of young people in a variety of settings in developing and developed countries within the broader context of non-consensual sexual experiences of young people around the world and makes some recommendations for dealing with these experiences.The search was repeated using authors known to have published studies concerned with such relationships, as well as all journals dealing with reproductive health, sexual behaviour, sexuality and economics of sex.The final selection of studies was based on two criteria: (i) their publication in peer-reviewed journals; and (ii) for unpublished manuscript or working papers, their publication or author's affiliation with a credible institution.The remainder of the paper is organised into subsections that address (i) issues of meaning, measurement and prevalence of young people's relationships with older people and the practice of `sugar daddy' and `sugar mummy' in particular; (ii) the contexts and associated factors involved in these relationships; (iii) the major consequences of such relationships; and (iv) evidence concerning these relationships and their implications.Meaning and Measurement of Young People's Relationships with Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas Strategy for the Review and Definition of the Practice of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mummy A literature search was carried out on Medline, Popline, Pub Med, google and many search engines available on the WWW, using the labels associating young people's relationships with older people and involving monetary or non-monetary incentives or rewards.More recently, it has been noted that in some settings such relationships occur in the belief that the young people are free from HIV.Some characterisation of this practice is emerging from literature, which suggests that the practices of `sugar daddy', `sugar mama' and the behaviours of `sugar daddy' girls and `sugar mama' boys is at least in part influenced by an increasingly materialistic society in the context of globalisation.

This is partly due to the current context of emerging threats to adolescent reproductive health confronting the sexually transmitted infections (STIs), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and AIDS mortality affecting primarily young people and the most productive segments of populations worldwide.Precocious experiences with reproductive health outcomes such as sexual debut and pregnancy with the risks associated with them, including abortions and sexually transmitted infections and the increase in HIV infection remain of great concern to policymakers, researchers, planners and the international community.The individual, familial, household, neighbourhood, community, regional, national and international contexts and factors quite often influence those outcomes.It considers definitional, measurement and analytical issues involved in assessing these relationships, their magnitude, patterns, determinants and consequences.The review compares and contrasts the experiences of young people in a variety of settings in developing countries versus developed countries, and identifies key associated factors perpetuating those relationships.

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Literature was also trawled for data presentation and method of inquiry.

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