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Yet, like nearly all Chinese who visit a city whose Russian name means “master of the East,” Mr.Cui is absolutely certain about one thing: The place should really be called Haishenwai, the name it had back when China was master in these parts.Even under Russian rule, Vladivostok has at times had nearly as many Chinese residents as Russians.In 1912, for example, nearly 30 percent of the population was Chinese, with the rest divided between Russians and a large number of Europeans, Japanese, Americans and other foreigners.Putin’s ambitions to project his country as an Asian power is in reality Chinese territory.Or at least it was, until the Treaty of Beijing, signed in 1860 after China’s defeat by Britain in the Second Opium War, placed Vladivostok and other territory to the northeast of what is now North Korea firmly in Russian hands.“This was our place, not Russia’s,” he said, standing on a wooden promontory above a majestic harbor studded with Russian warships.Russia, an increasingly close diplomatic partner with China, is almost never ranked in official statements alongside Britain, Japan and other former imperial powers that seized territory by force.

After recounting in detail how Chinese forces would seize Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and other Russian cities in the Far East and then sweep across Siberia toward Moscow while Russia’s elite partied in Western Europe, Mr.

The city, with a population of about 600,000, is now a popular destination for Chinese tourists and also traders, who have turned a once down-at-the-heels market on Sportivnaya Street into a vibrant commercial district.

Ding Shenhang, a cobbler from China at the market, said he has been coming to Vladivostok for five years to avoid the ferocious competition in his home region of Heilongjiang.“All this was Chinese until the Qing dynasty was forced to give it to the Russians,” he said, gesturing at streets packed with Chinese traders and their Russian customers.

But he added that many ordinary Chinese, who are taught at school about “unequal treaties” and foreign land grabs, believe the city and much of eastern Russia was and, one day, should again be Chinese.

During China’s Cultural Revolution, started by Mao Zedong in 1966, this belief led to brief but bloody clashes along the border north of Vladivostok and nearly pushed China and the Soviet Union into all-out war.“History is always used for political speculation,” Mr.

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