Dating ortiz tito speed dating scam

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Dating ortiz tito

He participated as a junior in the California junior college state championships and won the competition for two years in a row and then transferred to California State University.

Ortiz’s net worth is definitely not down to just his wrestling career, as the ex-Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter is a man of many sides and has several investments to his name.

Jacob Christopher Ortiz was born 0n 23 January 1975, in Huntington Beach, California USA, and is a mixed martial artist, known for winning the title of Light Heavyweight Champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

What is more, Tito is a successful businessman, who owns the “Punishment Training Center” and “Punishment Athletics”.

Growing up was both challenging and traumatic for Ortiz mostly because his parents were not such proper role models.

Both parents were drug addicts and their nonchalance led young Ortiz to the streets where he got involved with gangs, drugs (including cocaine), which got him some time in juvenile detentions.

He attended high school at Huntington Beach High School where he began his adventure into the world of amateur wrestling in his second year there.

It happened to be a good decision for him as he won the CIF championship (California Interscholastic Federation) which qualified him for the competition at the state level where he finished fourth.

Ortiz parent’s marriage could not survive the pressure and caved in when he was thirteen which made him go back to Huntington Beach with his mother.

Ortiz was first married to his first wife known only by her first name, Kristen. Read Also: Dave Bautista Wife, Daughter, Parents, Height, Relationship With Sarah Jade After parting ways with Kristen, Tito Ortiz met Jenna Jameson, a porn star, on the social media platform, My Space and they began dating in 2006.

Even though tongues wagged, Ortiz was in love with Jameson and rejected an invitation to attend the United States Marine Corps birthday ball in November 2006 as the guest of honor because they refused to recognize her as his guest, even though according to him she had quit the adult film industry.

Activities related to this sport have also added a lot to Tito’s net worth.

In addition, Ortiz has appeared in several movies which has also increased his net worth somewhat.

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Not only is he an ex-professional wrestler and MMA fighter, Tito Ortiz is also an actor and entrepreneur.

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