Dating men who have been cheated on

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Dating men who have been cheated on

If you’re going to date someone who’s cheated, you need to make sure it’s someone who’s learned from that experience and knows better than to ever do it again. Don’t blame his ex by saying she “made him cheat” — she didn’t!He’s the only one to blame for his actions, and you need to make sure he knows that. How many times did he cheat on his ex and with how many people?comes out, and the person who did the deed spends years saddled with a guilty conscience.Other times, it does come to light and wreaks absolute havoc on what may have seemed like a good relationship.According to her, it's also worth keeping in mind that "like a china teacup that's cracked, infidelity forever changes the relationship." "It's a fissure that's always present," she says. According to the experts, it just might be possible."Whoever crosses that line will find it easier to do so again.""This might be controversial, but I don’t believe that there are any inherently good reasons to stay with a partner who cheated," says relationship writer and dating expert Demetrius Figueroa. Doesn’t matter."That's not to say that you can't make it work, but it's important that the decision to stay together isn't fueled by obligations or fear, but rather a mutual desire to work on things. Instead, try to keep your discussion about any infidelity focused on the root of the issue(s) that lead to the transgression(s)."Ask questions like 'what did this person make you feel that you don't feel in our relationship? But before deciding if staying together really is something you both want, it's a good idea to spend some time apart to process what has happened in your own time.I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my boyfriend “harmlessly” flirting with anyone else. Did he straight up tell you or did you find out through a third party?

It's more a matter of what circumstances have to be present for a specific individual to succumb to the temptation.

To get some professional advice on whether or not a relationship can actually survive infidelity, Elite Daily spoke with several dating and relationship experts.

Here's what they had to lucky enough to be with someone who is understanding and forgiving, has a much greater chance of the betrayed partner being able to "compartmentalize the event as a passing phase that's now over."But if you or your partner aren't able to forgive the unfaithful party and move on, "the relationship is [likely] doomed," says Winter. While it may take a lot of time and effort to repair a relationship where someone cheated.

Everyone makes mistakes and while this one sucks, it might be unfair to judge him on his past.

If you think he’s genuinely sorry for what he did, he may be worthy of a second chance. In my experience, guys who cheat are quick to make excuses.

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Let me make one thing clear — cheating doesn’t necessarily make someone a cheater for life.