Dating lazy men

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Dating lazy men

Honestly, the answer is closer to, “both” than either party being outright wrong.

While there are plenty of reasons for why this situation exists, today I want to focus on the evolution of the lazy man and how his rise to power complicates the dating environment for everyone… More importantly, they don’t need to justify their pursuits.

In their minds, they had put in sufficient work in their younger days.

Now that they were in a better place, their expectations of what they should be expected to do to meet women changed as well.

We slowly accepted that we didn’t have to live the “YOLO” lifestyle every night, because chances are we could do it again another weekend, in another club, or in another city.

While we didn’t see it this way as men, women began to view our approaches as increasingly lazier. We weren’t chasing them as much and some in the group even began to declare that they were over chasing women and putting in work, period.

We can all have a good time and it doesn’t have to go anywhere (see the VIP lounge).

But, as men, we had to find other measures of what defined a good time besides meeting large quantities of strange women with no future beyond 24-hours.

However, I never touched on how modern men became a very lazy man in the first place.

It depends on the same environment where you have a corresponding – and likely much higher – the number of men doing all in their power to invest the least amount of effort possible in pursuing these women. To avoid confusion here, let me state unequivocally that I believe modern men are lazier than past generations of men.

From my non-scientific observations, most men are lazier in both their courting activities and their general willingness to court at all.

As another slang term goes, “a close mouth doesn’t get fed.” However, when’s the last time you referred to a hobby you enjoyed as “work”?

Since we didn’t have much to offer women in the form of drinks and other material purchases (a nice way of saying we were broke), we had to find a way to get women to find us interesting, worthy of their time & phone numbers, and worthy of their companionship by using some form of persuasion that didn’t involve significant monetary expenditures.

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No, all men want for their efforts when they’re young is a woman.