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I am probably out of touch with the pulsations of the new crowd who are building expectation of 2012, but it looks to me like the best options for the Maya endtime are erupting from the orgiastic imagination of younger people in the counterculture, people who are ignited with all manner of erotic, cosmic, artistic, mantic, mythopoeic, and esoteric inspirations.

Hence, my speculation (8.101.2) on the tribes to come….

It so happens that other Mayanist scholars who revisited the calendric model around that year reached a new estimate of the fabled end date, extremely close to my own.

From the outset, much of the material in this Course is specific to the timing and conditions of Kali Yuga, and there is a lot to be said on that topic.

Nemeta Course 8 derives from a body of work I undertook in 2012 in anticipation of the much-discussed “Maya endtime”, widely believed to have been due to occur on December 21st of that year.

The question is, Did the discussions, speculations, and predictions about 2012 point to that event, or do they merely draw attention to themselves?

And, with the benefit of six years of retrospect, the second question would be, Where to go from all that chatter of that time, now that the long-awaited date has transpired?

§ The discourse on 2012 was dominated by claims about the evolution of consciousness making a huge jump, a paradigm shift.

It seems that Arguelles simply attached a fantastic interpretation to known phenomenon of astronomical timing.

In when some of the population were teleported off the earth on that mysterious cosmic beam, and predicted that the same would happen for many people in 2012. I am not deeply enough involved in the debate around 2012 to know if Arguelles’ ideas are undergoing a revival, but I sense that others, a younger and more creatively inspired crowd, might have taken over his notions, and morphed them considerably.

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I have broken down the original nine long and complex essays (no longer posted on to manageable portions in the Blocks, and supported them with additional talk and text which I believe will be helpful for assimilation.

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