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Dating inter love

This got me thinking: What exactly is wrong with these men dating a worker – especially when that worker is not a direct report?

They had no plans – that I know of anyway – to get rid of their CEO anytime soon. This employee was not his direct report, but that did not matter.

Assuming that there is no coercion in the relationship and no favoritism is given because of the relationship, it might just be that there is no reason a supervisor or executive shouldn’t be able to date an employee – regardless of whether the employee is a direct report or not.

The problem, however, really comes in the he-said she-said world that we live in.

If the relationship was documented, open, and no decisions about the employee were made by the executive he or she has the relationship with, then there is a chance that the only lines that are being crossed are those of some questionable morals.

However, the problem occurs when the relationship does gain certain perks for the employee.

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Darren Huston resigned last Thursday after admitting that he was having an affair with an employee.

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