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In addition, mention had to be made about the number of people, stock and any means of transport which may have been used.

Up to 1870, not much was done regarding the establishment, maintenance and supervision of these urban settlements, and with the growth in the economic stability of the state, more work opportunities were created which stimulated the growth of the Non-White population in and around the urban centres.This became part of the constitution in 1854, and included those who were in possession of land and who may have been able to claim their right to it.Voting and land rights The right to vote was also limited to White citizens only.Thus, a Black leader of a body could be appointed or relieved of his duties by the government of the time.This had drastic consequences as Blacks under “White territory” could not elect and appoint their own leader, making inheritance of leadership according to family ties null and void.

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Non-Whites could not be elected for government and were denied the right to direct representation, even by a White person.

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