Dating gibson mandolins

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Dating gibson mandolins

) for a number of very budget instruments including a Soprano Ukulele and a Guitalele.

Due to the infrequent batch nature of building there is a lot of variation in the actual builds of the Ukulele itself. created a separate entity called Norlin Industries to run it but mismanagement and a move to Nashville lead to Gibson nearly going out of business in 1986.(The exception to the current lack of production, is Gibson currently own the Epiphone brand and they currently do produce a couple of Ukuleles.Since then there have been some custom shop Ukuleles made, certainly in the 90's, and I guess it would still be an option now if you were willing to pay enough.Unlike Martin, Gibson did produce a number of Banjoleles over the years, starting in 1924 before they made Ukuleles with the "trapdoor" range.

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And while on the topic of famous historic names Gibson currently own, there is also Dobro (now used by Epiphone) and Slingerland, (still owned but not currently used), but as they are not being used for any Ukulele branding currently, though they were before Gibson took them over, both of these get their own entries too.