Dating foroum for people with herpes

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Dating foroum for people with herpes

One in particular, he knew his partner was cheating because of the outbreak.

Now, you're obviously well within your right to not date people with HSV, but I can't imagine why others' dating life, whether an individual is fine with dating someone with known HSV, matters to other people. You don't want to date someone with a known STD, fine, but what other people do is no concern of others. " and of course the guy will be like "Of course baby." even if he's never been tested because some guys will do anything to get laid, even if it means lying about being clean. I would never trust some guy saying "Yeah no worries I'm 100% disease free" shut up dude you just want to get laid, you've probably never even gotten tested. I read a lot of people with STDS don't show any symptoms so they don't bother getting tested. That's a scary thought...again you have to look out for yourself because your partner might not.

Two of the men were on HSV-suppressing drugs and did not transmit the disease (the women found out other ways).

The third man was not on HSV-suppressing drugs and didn't have an outbreak, but still transmitted it to my friend.

I think it's because it's such a taboo misunderstood topic. I make sure I put at the beginning and end of every profile online: D/D free, thank you! This thread is an example of the kind of idle meaness that is exhibited by non-HSV people (or HSVI people) towards HSVII positive people. An HSVI carrier can (and do) give their virus to people.

For the folks who aren't casual daters or can't get a date and they date similar people they may have less risk, but it's still not risk-free.

The only way to ensure you don't contract it is to abstain from sex completely.

I know people who have to use wheelchairs every day because they are paralyzed from the waste down. You know that, I know that, and a handful of other people in the world know that. But I've also heard they can come with side effects.

I've known people who died from cancer and were in horrible pain the last months of their lives. Look, from my perspective, I rarely meet people I would want to have a relationship with.

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