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At a 2am on a Tuesday night, I am probably just watching television.We have things like Barefoot on the Mall, Freeboot Friday, Midnight Madness, and of course Homecoming.There are always things to do at the student center if someone does not want to go out. The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center is very active on campus.In greenville, there is a mall, a bowling alley, lots of different resturants, movie theaters, and different stores not normally found in the mall. The center sets up International festivals that celebrate different cultural activities (think: dance, music, common traditions) and food. And the committee also sets up pre-screenings (films that are about to come out: you see it first! The SRC (Student Recreational Center) also provides intramural sports and club sports.The biggest games are Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Starcraft 2, and League of Legends.

Greek life is not super important, it just adds to the college experience.

ECU is very open to accomodating a pleasant student life on campus.

The most popular student group is probably Student Pirate Club which, if you join by paying the yearly fee, you can get into all the home football games and other sporting events for free, without having to go get a ticket.

However, if you don't go to a lot the sporting events, then it can be a waste of money because it does cost to join.

If you don't, you could just go to the ticket office in Mendenhall and get a ticket there.

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