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Dating customs in austria

Recent years saw the arrival of the Anglo-American "MA", "Ph D" or other "new" degrees.Most elderly Austrians are confused by these and try to translate them.For dinners, 5 to 15 minutes delay would be generally tolerated - being later than 15 minutes might upset your host.In terms of cutlery, start with the outside first and work your way to the centre course by course. At formal occasions, wait until the "chair" (alpha-male, officer in chief, capo de tutti capi or whoever is the most senior person on the table) nods towards the table or takes knife and fork to invite everyone at the table to join in eating.Upper-class as a concept is something strange to Austria - and yet there are few countries that have a stronger correlation in education or income and life expectancy, income of children, social status, and so on, than the German-speaking countries.

Gentlemen (Herren) are referred to as "Herr" and the name (for example, "Herr Österreich").

In the following paragraphs you will find the basics of good manners. Let your host introduce you or - if by yourself - introduce yourself.

Shake hands with the people you meet and look into their eyes.

It is a matter of your environment if personal nudity is appropriate or not.

As a rule of the thumb, look at locals′ behaviours and follow their example.

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Kissing a lady′s hand is still seen in Vienna, but of the "showing-off" category and anachronistic in my view.

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