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Dating cdvs

The process became most popular in period from 1842-1856, but began to wane in the following years.

The complicated process involved polishing a sheet of silver-plated copper, treating it with fumes, and exposing it to a camera to fix the image to the metal -- this resulted in an image that appears to be fixed on to a mirror.

For the four years of the American Civil War, several types of early photographic processes were available at photographic studios.

The stamps were in denominations of two, three, and five cents and could have been imprinted with "Bank Check," "Internal Revenue," "Telegraph," or "Playing Cards." Always be sure to look at both sides of CDVs very carefully. Russell was active in Moodus, Connecticut, between 18. This discussion was intended to show you how to narrow down the date of a CDV, if you are lucky enough to have one with a revenue stamp on it. Not only are the revenue stamps informative, but the photographers may be the answer to your quest as well.

In this case, there is a 2 cent revenue stamp on the back (below). Sometimes it's possible to find more information about photographers and their studios, such as advertisements in newspapers or city directories. The photo can be narrowed down to between June 30, 1864, and August 1, 1866, because the revenue stamp is on the back of the CDV. Sometimes you are able to find the name of the photographer who took over for another photographer, perhaps indicating that the first photographer either died or moved away.

The process was used through the end of the 19th century, but most of the tintypes out there date from 1865-1875.

Most tintypes found today are loose or in paper sleeves vs.

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