Dating bitterness anger

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Dating bitterness anger

If you see any bitterness during your conversations with her – or possibly a diary that says “Die! Everyone'sheart gets broken - it starts in kindergarten. It is in some people's nature to become bitter and anger towards that person who aggrieved them.The sensational thing is that hearts can heal with the love of another person. If one allows bitterness to be the overriding emotion in a breakdown of a relationship, it's a harder trait to recover from. It is hard to not take personally that a person has not only betrayed you but has taken either money, statute or a close friend with them.The worse feeling ever is when friends betray you with their love for each other. So bitterness and anger, as well as loss and loneliness are are all valid feelings after the break up of a romantic relationship.As one heals from a broken heart, we become more open to accepting love again - but never so innocently as the first time.With every broken heart, a little bit of residual damage happens and it is protection against feeling completely shattered when it happens again.

It will help you and her create a solid foundation instead of a rocky one.

Either way, you will have to deal with the stress that she is going through, and many times it will replace what should be happy moments with stressful and negative moments.

All of these reasons are why it is always better to avoid bitter women and, instead, date a woman who has dealt with the break up in a mature way and has taken some lessons on how to be happier from the break up she encountered.

For instance, if you laugh in the same that her ex did, then she may label you as a cheater – just like her ex, and you will have to constantly fight against the label when you shouldn’t have to fight at all.

Also, if she is bitter then she is still focused on her ex.

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