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Take your partner to a major sporting event for a team he loves and surprise him with a message on the scoreboard to make it a romantic birthday for him.Check with the team's marketing personnel ahead of time to find out how you can buy a written message or guarantee the two of you get on the jumbotron.After you create the art, hang it around the house when your lover is away as a romantic birthday surprise idea. You'll be in the room together when you receive your massages.You can even hold hands or look into each other's eyes.

Romance on a birthday isn't too different from romance on any other day.If your idea of a romantic birthday includes making love, start it off by having the birthday person "unwrap" you.Having your partner remove your clothes or "wrapping" will be a thrill for both of you. Each coupon entitles your partner to an activity (or to a night off from an activity).Create loving works of art by decorating picture frames with hearts or your pet names for each other, writing the lyrics to your song on photo frame matting, or painting love notes on large canvases.Whatever type of art you choose to make, be sure it features colors, pictures, or words your lover will appreciate.

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