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The smallest wetlands are identified at this level, but always keeping in mind the spatial objects must be larger than 1 ha to be compatible with the CWI minimum mapping unit.

Hierarchical classification optimizes wetland identification and reduces multi-class confusion.

RADARSAT-1 and Landsat-ETM images provide independent information, both helpful for wetland detection. Pierre and Miquelon, France; Cuba; and the Bahamas visited 2,244 sites covering 11,836 km of shoreline habitat. The breeding census recorded 5,945 adults at 777 of 1,892 sites surveyed. Results from 3 complete species census efforts provide essential data for conservation planning and assessment and illustrate the utility of global censuses for species of concern.

The results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed method leading to high accuracy map of wetlands in a wide range of for widely distributed species are rarely possible. During the winter census, 2,389 piping plovers were observed at 33.5 % of potentially occupied sites (n = 352). More than 80 % of sites with piping plovers present had ? Results indicated an 8.4 % increase from 1991 but only a 0.2 % increase since 1996. and recruitment were observed in the last decade in American eels (Anguilla rostrata) from the St. In order to verify if the declines were associated with high prevalence of diseases among commercial catches, a total of 12 243 eels captured in five commercial fishing sites were inspected at two processing plants in 1992.

However, for the third time in 10 years, an International Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) Breeding and Winter Census was conducted throughout the species range in 2001. Regional trends suggest that since 1991, number of breeding birds increased on the Atlantic Coast by 78 % (2,920 birds; 12.4 % increase since 1996) and by 80 % in the Great Lakes (72 birds; 50 % increase since 1996). Subregional trends since 1991 reflect a 32.4 % decline in Prairie Canada (972 birds; 42.4 % decline since 1996), a 2.5 % decline in the U. northern Great Plains (1,981 birds; 24 % increase since 1996), 5.5 % decline in eastern Canada (481 birds; 14 % increase since 1996), although a 66.2 % increase on the U. They were all examined for external lesions and palpated to detect vertebral deformities.

However, plovers declined 15 % (2,953 birds; 10 % decline since 1996) in Prairie Canada/U. Eels from Lakes Ontario, Saint-François and Saint-Pierre were mainly resident eels, while those from the Richelieu River and the St. Scratches all over the body were found only on eels from Kamouraska.

Lawrence Estuary at Kamouraska were mainly mature migrating eels. Cutaneous ulcers were observed more frequently in the Richelieu River.

Lastly, the fine level is the refinement of the medium level, composed exclusively of « Potential Wetlands - Medium » class.'Best knowledge' approach involves a qualitative confidence-building assessment where an expert interprets the original image enhanced, and when possible, with additional available datasets.For the Wetlands vs Uplands map accuracy, the visual evaluation of the cells by a qualified interpreter allows detection of wetlands greater than 1 ha in upland.Sets of rules are assigned to each class based on membership functions using spatial and spectral attributes such as mean, ratio, texture, shape, neighbourhood, etc.Misclassified objects are reassigned manually after the automated classification which requires approximately 15-20 % of processing time.

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