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Dating a young girl

A woman can be just afraid of the relationship with you.

You are a mystery, you are an adult, who, perhaps, doesn’t really need a Talk about things she is well aware of. Don’t tell her, for example, that you like hunting in Kenya. Ask about her preferences, hobbies and choose something to discuss.

He looks weird and ridiculous, forgetting about the main principles of dating younger women.

If you look at the statistics, you will see that when men reach the age of 40 years, they start dreaming about dating a girl 15 years younger, while women in the same situation prefer older men.

In other words, a young partner is a great way to amuse his own ego. A man tries to find a woman who looks like his own mother.

Many men who crush on woman 15 years younger say, “My mom always looked like in 30 years, she was an ideal for me, and I was looking for one who would at least somehow resemble her." The concept of "normality" of the relationship is really created by parents.

That's just one of the main reasons why a man unconsciously strives for the "younger generation." No matter how ridiculous this may sound, a man can never part with his childhood, and the necessity of growing up for him is a real tragedy. Talking about family planning, when a man is no longer young, but he still wants to have children, he will look for a young girl who will be able to carry a healthy baby.

It’s good when you're a rock star, a crazy artist or an editor of a fashion magazine.

Artistic habits automatically level down the man’s age and soothe a girl's conscience.

However, what should an older mid-level manager do?

Usually, dating someone 15 years younger, a man wants to forget about his age and tries to put on youthful airs.

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