Dating a women with herpes

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This did nothing to lessen the internalized shame I felt. How was I possibly going to be able to do my job if I had an STD? But here’s the thing – I did everything I told my clients to do to prevent STDs.

I’ve advanced in my career, been acknowledged for my contributions to the field of public health, and honored as a queer woman for contributing positively to the LGBTQ community.

One person nervously insisted he tested negative for the HSV-2 antibody and promised to send me his testing history.

Another accidentally texted me when she meant to text a friend to say “how sorry she felt” for me and how “devastated” she would be if she were in my place.

My experience with stigma continued as I made a point to inform partners of my diagnosis.

I wasn’t looking for anyone to blame, I just wanted to be responsible and respectful of my partners.

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That is why we are working to give a voice to the community of individuals affected by all STDs.

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