Dating a shy guy yahoo dating a fender stratocaster

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He may, however, throw in a few digs to make these other guys seem a bit less desirable.Although he might feel nervous to tell you how he feels directly, a shy guy may come up with a sweet nickname just for you and call you by it affectionately.This includes leaning towards them, pointing your feet and torso in their direction, and mirroring their body posture and hand gestures.Next time you chat with him check out his body posture and note if he has positioned himself towards you and if he is holding his body in a similar way.Without saying anything, those that like you will hold eye contact a bit longer than say a friend would.

He may run errands with you, bring you soup when you feel sick, and offer to pick you up from the airport.Shy people may need to make a bit more effort to contribute their fair share to the conversation. So you have to deal with that as well by making provisions for polite interferences in between her speeches, if any! Preparing a mental list of topic of conversations is advisable. This is his way of connecting with you on a more intimate level to see how you react.Pay attention to how often he touches you when you're with him.

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side of this is that he simply is trying to be near you while still being unsure of how to show how he likes you.

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