Dating a rebounder

Posted by / 19-Nov-2020 16:36

of us have used another person as a rebound when our previous relationship has gone awry. I'll admit I have, not for sex, not to date, but to just talk to someone and get my mind off of the other guy. Today I was asked out on a date for next weekend by a guy whose fiancee broke off their engagement...3 days ago. Maybe a few months down the road when he's had time to emotionally recover (I hate drama...), I'll consider it.

I get robotic and am not really interested in anything that matters emotionally. You know, many men run off with women that were their friend on the side of their marriage. ◊♦◊ We all have our own selfish reasons for leaving our partners, just as we sometimes have our own selfish reasons for staying.Even after the ugliest of break-ups, we grieve that our ex finds the right partner.The situation is done with, I'm not really looking for advice, I'm just wondering how you guys feel about being on the receiving end of a rebound? Jumping into a new relationship too quickly after a break-up is called “rebounding.” It’s called this because it’s a period where you are vulnerable and inviting attention on yourself from people who have their own agendas, just as an NBA player becomes vulnerable immediately after retrieving a missed shot.

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You don’t know the whole story of their life after you, and you have no business knowing, anyway.