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Dating a medical resident student

I feel so bad that he is that worn out, I don’t even protest.

He only gets off 4 days in a month, and even those days I feel are meant for him to catch up on some much needed sleep, the kind he doesn’t get the rest of the month getting up at 4am and arriving home late into the evening.

However, adding the benefit of being in the same place has also added the difficulties of a residents schedule. B has been on trauma rotations the last few months, and he comes home utterly exhausted.

He eats dinner and hits the sack almost every night without so much as say two words to me.

In the city that we are in now, I feel like I don’t have enough strong relationships to have that same support system. We are still newly married and our two year anniversary is only two weeks away. I need to trust that this journey does not come with a beginning and end, but an ever-winding path, with good turns and bad. My focus needs to be the good, not the loneliness and wishing for more.

In addition, we bought a house that has needed a fair amount of work. I had an awesome lunch conversation with a newer friend I met during my MBA. But days when I can laugh with friends over a marg and some guac are days that should be cherished. I sometimes kick myself for wishing away the days, and go back to my older blogs to remember the right way to handle this loneliness. I’m just glad I still have a place to talk about these issues.

Doctors used to marry nurses -- it was a more common practice in previous generations. Here’s a list of reasons why you may not want to either.

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Doing a lot of these tasks alone adds to my general difficulties and loneliness. I was also able to go to happy hour with a developing friendship I made during time at my last job. For anyone dating, engaged, married or in a partnership with a resident or someone with a resident like career – how do you handle the time apart?

Today my social calendar was filled, and I was able to spend time cultivating new relationships.

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Hospitals are comprised primarily of women, and women tend to gossip.

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