Cost of updating implants

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Cost of updating implants

(Textured round implants do exist, but I don’t use them.) Something that a lot of people don’t understand is that the breast will change shape depending upon body position, and an ideal implant should do the same.When a woman is lying down, her breasts are round and when she is upright they are more conical or shaped. They mimic the natural breast tissue: round when horizontal, and slightly tapered when vertical.Of the over 300 surgeons present, our ability to guess which was which was 50-50, again the toss of the coin.Calling them “gummy bears” is cute, but misleading.Since the majority of breast implants will last 20 to 25 years, we just don’t know if there will be a difference in the long-term results.Anatomic textured implants will not go away, to be sure – too much has been invested in them. It is possible that they could be a better implant for breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

When you add to this the extra cost and possible complications of these implants, I can personally find no reason for their use in routine breast augmentation. However, I think these studies have a real draw back in that they are comparing the results with the new anatomic implants against historically reported results with round, smooth implants.I do not feel that this historical control is accurate because we are doing things much differently now than we did in the past in terms of placing every implant – round or shaped — and this is probably the reason for the reports of lower capsular contracture rates with these new cases. The shaped implants have been in use for only 10 years, in their initial pilot studies.They were created by a German confectioner, Hans Riegel in Bonn Germany, in 1920. Just like the fourth generation cohesive get implants, the highly cohesive gel implants are also made of a semi-solid gel contained within an outer shell.His company Haribo continues to make the yummy little candies which are known as Gummibärchen. What you probably think of when you think about these candies is that they are a soft, chewy, solid little nugget of goodness. The point that I am making here is that these are solid candies. It’s just that the gel in these implants is more cohesive than the others, but not as solid as the moniker “gummy bear” might imply. Recently, in the operating room, I had the occasion to remove a set of these implants.

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