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Civil dating defense from material

It was only used as a secondary source whic is applied if the laws and the local customs were found lack on certain things but the main source of law was influenced in turn local law came to be interpreted and evaluated primarily on the basic of Roman law after a time.Besides that, in the Roman law the most important characteristic is to make the codification longer of the adopted Roman law which is included into the civil codes.Thus, the Roman law which is to becaming strong again in turn, became the foundation of law in all civil jurisdictions.

It is used as the collective judicial decisions which is based on tradition, precedents and custom.

This codification system has its origins in the Code of Hammurabi which is written in ancient Babylon during the 18th century BC.

Then, the concept was developed during 17th and 18thcenturies AD which is as an expression of both Natural law.

In the same time, there also response to the aim of law codification which is proponents of codification to think of it as conducive to certainty, unity and systematic recording of law.

Thus, the codification of European private laws moved forward in the end and the codifications were completed by France (1804), and Austria ( 1811).

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Actually, the originally term of common law gets from after the Norman Conquest.