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Materials in ADRL are subject to copyright and other restrictions, so a UCSB Net ID and password may be required to view some materials.If you need help finding more information about a topic, or have a general research question, use our Ask a Librarian service to call, chat, or email a librarian, or to make an appointment.Some of the terms and acronyms (an abbreviation of the first letters of words in a phrase) people use when they talk about Social Security can be a little confusing.We’re here to help you understand all you need to know...Samvera is based around several primary components, all of which are free and open source: ADRL includes Curation Concerns, a Ruby on Rails gem, that gives Samvera developers a common toolset to manage a wide range of complex digital objects.This gem provides a consistent way to manage various types of complex digital objects and their relationships such as manuscript collections, photos and printed ephemera, simple and complex audio and video recordings.

The following standard information should be included in the citation, regardless of format: creator, title, date, collection name, the institution (UC Santa Barbara Library), and the item’s URL. These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: The Cultural Meaning of the Tree (Doctoral dissertation).

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Access to a particular thesis or dissertation may be restricted for two reasons: the author may have restricted access via delayed release (embargo) or may have restricted online full-text access to UCSB only.

If the access restriction message reads “At the request of the author, this item is currently restricted via delayed access (embargo)," then the thesis or dissertation is currently embargoed, and may become available at a later date.

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