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Bob jones university dating rules

Nelson Bell, mailed a fiery ten-page letter to most members of the BJU faculty and student body (as well as to thousands of pastors across the country) accusing Jones of "hatred, distortions, jealousies, envying, malice, false witnessing, and untruthfulness." In a four-page position paper delivered to students in 1965, Bob Jones Jr., condemned Billy Graham's "ecumenical evangelism" as unscriptural and "heretical," noting that Graham shared his platform with Catholic priests and that one could not "be a good Catholic and a good, spiritual Christian." When Graham arrived in Greenville, Jones Jr.emphasized that the basis of the university's position was scriptural and not personal.All religion, including Catholicism, which teaches that salvation is by religious works or church dogma is false.Religion that makes the words of its leader, be he Pope or other, equal with the Word of God is false. From the time of the Protestant Reformation onward, it has been understood that there is no commonality between the Bible way, which is justification by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and salvation by works, which the faithful, practicing Catholic embraces." In 2012, following allegations of sexual abuse and the mishandling of sexual abuse reports, the university hired a third-party, Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE), to conduct an impartial investigation.

Jones was a friend and admirer of William Jennings Bryan but also campaigned throughout the South for Herbert Hoover (and against Al Smith) during the 1928 presidential election.

One of the earliest controversies to center on BJU was the break that occurred in the late 1950s between separatist fundamentalists and neo-evangelicals represented by the newly prominent evangelist Billy Graham.

Graham had briefly attended Bob Jones College, and the university conferred an honorary degree on him in 1948. argued that if members of Graham's campaign executive committee had rejected major tenets of orthodox Christianity, such as the virgin birth and the deity of Christ, then Graham had violated 2 John 9-11, which prohibits receiving in fellowship those who do "not abide in the teaching of Christ." Graham's father-in-law, L.

(Later, Bob Jones III denounced Reagan as "a traitor to God's people" for choosing George H. Bush—whom Jones called a "devil"—as his vice president.

Even later, Jones III shook Bush's hand and thanked him for being a good president.) Bush gave a standard stump speech making no specific reference to the university.

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From 1971 to 1975, BJU admitted only married blacks, although the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had already determined in 1970 that "private schools with racially discriminatory admissions policies" were not entitled to federal tax exemption. Supreme Court ruled that the university did not have standing to sue until the IRS actually assessed taxes. 160 [1976]), which prohibited racial exclusion in private schools.