Bloglines updating

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Bloglines updating

I say "familiar" after reading about the future plan for Bloglines - fewer features and more ads.To me, this indicates a shift in focus, from "user as customer" to "user as product" (meaning, "what's good for me" versus "what's good for them") - which gives me zero incentive to use it anymore*.After evaluating a few alternatives, I switched to Netvibes.And now that I've invested a month tweaking it and getting comfortable with it, the idea of switching again - even back to something "familiar" - is just not appealing and I'm not going to do it.Unofficial or not, @bloglines did exactly what I would have expected an organization to do - respond quickly and helpfully.This is what librarians do, and it reminded me of Kate's post about their library suggestion box.But I bet there are some libraries already doing this very thing.

**Sunday hours might be a bad example - we could be open only even-numbered Sundays in odd-numbered years when the temperature is greater than the square root of 1764, and we'd still be busy.

I found an @bloglines user, but even though he's using the Bloglines logo, he indicates it's not an official Bloglines account.

I asked him my question anyway (noticing he was fielding the exact same question a lot lately), and got a reply in .

I'm hoping someone will take over Bloglines and continue it, but just in case, I've been testing replacements and thought I would share my findings.

(I've heard that RSS readers are a thing of the past, but I have also heard the same thing about email, radio, and libraries, which are also things I use almost every day.) Anyway, the two I looked at were Tiny Tiny RSS (tt-rss) and Net Vibes.

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By now you've probably read other peoples' laments about Bloglines closing down.

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