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What the man doesn’t realize is the Thai girl has several other western ‘boyfriends’ too.Boyfriends currently living in other countries who are also sending money every month to the same girl, believing she is their girlfriend.If the guy tries to have a more in-depth conversation about political or social issues, or even just normal news, the girl has little or no interest in doing so.Your Reputation, While Dating or Married to a Thai Bar Girl – While Thai men may have sex with prostitutes, few if any respectable Thai men would consider marrying a Thai prostitute.

Thai Bar Girls Want Money– First of all, don’t fool yourself.Even the more prettier girls who have some money I've been told by them that they want some guy to take care of them give them 20-30,000 a month so they don't have to work.Damn I think that's a crap idea, I mean how on earth am I going to screw around on her if she's at home all the time, maybe the question is why do Farang like Thai girls?On return to their own country, these men send money to their new Thai girl friend every month.Often the Thai girl will ask for money for “a sick father” or because the family’s “buffalo died” (seriously, this is an excuse some of the girls use), and the guy will send money for that too.

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Most of the good looking Thai girls are usually hooked up with some rich hiso Thai dude anyway and it's typically the poorer darker girls who can't bag themselves a rich Thai guy because well she ain't his cup of tea anyway. My thoughts are that Thai girls want a farang guy because she beleives he will take care of her and will be faithful.