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Beth yorty nurse dating

Besides James Stewart, Day's leading men included James Cagney, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Ronald Reagan, David Niven, James Garner, Louis Jourdan, and Jack Lemmon.Cagney, who co-starred with her twice, in The West Point Story (1950) and Love Me or Leave Me (1955), about the 20s-and-30s singer Ruth Etting, told her, "You know, girl, you have a quality that I've seen but twice before." He named Pauline Lord and Laurette Taylor, two of the greatest American stage actresses.Having Hudson play a character only pretending to be gay ultimately was not viewed as a threat.Tony Randall was featured in the film as the foil who fails to get the girl.

This doubtless precipitated their pairing in Pillow Talk, about antagonistic neighbors who share a party line.

Which, in the parlance of actors, means she's so good that I automatically reacted to her." Her ideal acting partner, however, turned out to be Rock Hudson, with whom she made three movies and forged a lasting friendship.

Many consider them the greatest man-woman comedy team in the history of film.

What I mean is, Doris Day will always shine through the part.

This will make you a big, important star." Over the next two decades, Day made 38 more films.

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Certainly everyone involved with Pillow Talk was aware that Hudson was gay.

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