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Best chat rooms 2013

“The password protected Arabic website, at the address features pictures and information about Christians who have been particularly active in debating Muslims on Paltalk,” The New York Sun wrote in 2005.And in 2009, there were actually worries among Israeli Paltalk users that it was being used a spying tool by jihadists.Nothing else about Paltalk’s own policies or terms indicate why the NSA was interested in the information they provide.It’s not so much anything about Paltalk’s own service that the NSA was interested in, though – it’s who was using it and why.You don’t see Reddit on that list, or Twitter (both of which are infamous for protecting user information). Whether those motives are justified remains to be seen – and at these early stages of what we know about PRISM, debating that is an exercise in futility (you either think this is a gross abuse of power and injunction of our freedoms or you think it’s a protective measure to keep our country and citizens safe).But that’s the story of an app that flew under our collective radar for so long, but still managed to attract so much attention from the government.A lot of familiar faces were among the sources the NSA has been pulling data from: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Apple, AOL, Skype, Facebook, You Tube, and … Among all of the oh-so-obvious outlets is Paltalk, a company that the NSA has been monitoring since December 2009 – longer than it’s been looking at AOL, Skype, Apple, or You Tube.So what exactly is this little-known app, and why does the United States Government care so much about it?

Before your add-in can be opened in a chat window, you need to register the add-in with the Lync Server 2013.

“We have not heard of PRISM,” Paltalk told us in a statement.

“Paltalk exercises extreme care to protect and secure users’ data, only responding to court order as required by law.

Paltalk does not provide any government agency with direct access to its servers.” Like other social apps and sites, Paltalk says that it will comply with the government when necessary.

“Paltalk will fully cooperate with law enforcement in investigating or requesting information with respect to suspected criminal or other activity and, notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, may release your name and other information to the appropriate authorities for that purpose, with or without subpoena.” This isn’t a surprising or unique Privacy Policy – most of them have that provision.

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Paltalk is a popular app within the Muslim community, and that apparently lends itself to the NSA’s efforts.

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