Babestation dating com

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Babestation dating com

However, they did not know he was using the phone they had left at his home for their support staff until the large bill detailing several unusual calls and texts was received on May 15.

Mr Corrins told the court: “Inquiries were carried out at Moray Council and it was confirmed that none of the support workers had made use of the mobile phone during the billing period. “The accused admitted he had been using it to contact family members and to call Babestation.

Quizworld was a premium rate telephone quiz service.

An audio version of Quizworld was also broadcast on Top Up TV Active intermittently outside of Smile TV's broadcast hours.

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Smile TV is a range of British television channels which launched on digital terrestrial television (Freeview) channel 37 on 29 April 2006.

The audio on was accompanied by an on-screen MHEG graphic of the quiz.

A MHEG graphic was used as during the daytime and evening Top Up TV had no space on the platform for an additional videostream.

And at Elgin Sheriff Court yesterday he admitted using a mobile phone which had been left in a locked box at his home by his support workers.Later Quizworld was replaced by two shows, Party People from 1-4am and Sumo TV from 4-5am.By the time the channel closed, the entirety of the channel's output was a premium rate telephone chat-line service by the name of Party Girls.On 20 August 2009 Smile TV ceased broadcasting and was replaced with Smile TV3, which continues to operate to this day.From the launch of Smile TV until 1 July 2006, Quizworld was shown in the 1 am to 4 am timeslot.

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