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♍️Virgo energy reminds us that life can’t just be one big party! Now we have to take down the streamers, clean up the wrapping paper &wash the cupcake tray. 📍 August 21st Astro Events 📍Venus enters Virgo 📍Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius Virgo’s energy dims Leo’s Party Season, calling us to be more productive &detail oriented.Our focus shifts on our wellbeing, goals & priorities, seeking for order & life Improvements.Detail-oriented Virgos show they care by noticing &remembering details about you/your life, then look to improve it.They’ll strive to be super helpful for U, so appreciating their support is key to them!Their Mercury-ruled minds do best when they have lots to juggle & they’ll amaze you with their productivity & efficiency...🙌🏼⭐️ K21Cd69m1 Virgo Flirting📍 Pickup line ♍️: Hey, you need some help with that?

Go and be curious: "Pay attention to who is shopping in the same section is and ask your opinion about the choice of gift. Thanksgiving to New Year's Day is the best time of year for the upgrade and the easiest time to meet people in person and online, "said Ra2k WSRX1 Important Anouncement📍 Dear NUi Ters, There is a Technical Issue ⚠️that might prevent you from using NUi T, for the next few hours. ⭐️ H0BQGk0 Cosmic Stardust 📍 With Mercury in Virgo, our thoughts become constructive, our minds sharper & our ideas more practical.We are working on it &kindly ask for your patience as this shall be fixed later within the day! The New Moon at 6° Virgo🌙 ♍️ is a beautiful time to seek for Improvements & launch our intentions regarding our habits, health & work into the Cosmos.Of course #Virgo means Virgin, so we have a small clash here, but you know how it goes.#virgoseason #virgotraits #nuitapp #astrologydating #astrologr #dating #virgostakeover Twitter The Sun ☀️ enters Virgo ♍️ today!

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The Sun is in favourable aspect to Uranus making our destiny callings loud and clear. Ra2k VAxqh Friday’s Virgo new moon is one of my favorite moons of 2019 ✨ gathered with Venus Mars, this new moon provides the landscape for empowering our visions, particularly our health, our daily routines, our work projects the small details of our life that make up the sum.

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