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With 48 countries and a huge percentage of the world's population, the Asian continent produces and consumes a staggering amount of porn in a given year.

One widely available Hong Kong import is a special edition without English subtitles that contains both films.Battle Royale and its sequel are available on Netflix , a major home-entertainment distributor in the United States, and it has been aired uncut on Showtime.Scott of The New York Times gave the film a positive review, stating "[the] expertly choreographed scenes of mayhem are at once comical and appalling, and [Fukasaku's] young cast embraces the melodramatic extremity of the story with impressive conviction", adding that Battle Royale "is in many ways a better movie [than The Hunger Games ] and in any case a fascinating companion, drawn from a parallel cultural universe.Other interpretations include the Japanese generational attitudes that are creating social, political and economic divides between the young and old.Fukasaku's son and the film's screenwriter, Kenta Fukasaku , oversaw the conversion.

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Controversies[ edit ] Fukasaku originally opposed the R15 rating given by the Eiga Rinri Kanri Iinkai Eirin because of Fukasaku's experiences as a teenager, the novel's use of year-olds, and the fact that many of the actors were around fifteen years of age.