Are nat wolff and allie dimeco dating

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He was dating a woman named Betty, but she later dumps him for his twin brother Miles.

Nicknamed "The Girl Magnet", he switched to guitar for songs such as "Taxi Cab" and "Curious".

However, in season three their relationship faced many complications when Rosalina went on a six month around-the-world boat cruise.

Nat's Share Tv Profile Alex Wolff starred as himself, and was the drummer for the band.

Thomas's Share Tv Profile Jesse Draper starred as Jesse Cook, and was the band's tutor and babysitter.

In the show, Jesse is not very intelligent, so Rosalina and Qaasim help her grade the band members' assignments.

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In the show, he is in love with Jesse and considers her to be his girlfriend, but Jesse calls him, "my little boyfriend" and Alex always disapproves of her dating other men including the Timmerman Brothers.

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